Epinephrine Patient Letter

Dear Patient (or Parent/Caregiver),

We are writing with a safety message about your/your child’s medical device.

You (or your child) have been prescribed epinephrine during the last 12 months by a clinician within Partners HealthCare System and may have an emergency device called an EPINEPHRINE INJECTOR or EPIPEN.

The manufacturers of EPINEPHRINE and EPIPEN auto-injectors have issued a warning to the public that, in a small number of cases, the auto-injector device may not work, may release the drug too slow, or release the drug too early. There may also be an issue with the auto-injector device not coming out of its tube when needed.

We understand this news may worry you, but we do not recommend that you throw away the auto-injector

We ask that you please take these steps:

  • Review the instructions for use that come with your auto-injector to make sure you understand how to use it correctly.
    • Make sure that the auto-injector can easily come out of its tube;
    • Check the blue safety release on top of the auto-injector; if it raised, do not push it back down
  • If the auto-injector does not easily come out of the tube OR the blue safety release is raised:
    • Do not use the auto-injector
    • Call Mylan Customer Relations (800)-796-9526 to receive a replacement at no extra cost to you.
  • You may also call the pharmacy where you purchased the EPINEPHRINE or EPIPEN auto-injector for assistance in checking if your (your child’s) auto-injector is affected.  You can find the pharmacy contact information on your (your child’s) EPINEPHRINE or EPIPEN auto-injector box.

If you have any questions about this problem after calling your pharmacy, please call the office of the doctor who ordered EPINEPHRINE or EPIPEN.


Thomas Sequist, MD

Chief Quality and Safety Officer

Partners Healthcare System

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