An Important message from America Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Dear Colleagues,

It is important that patients understand their access to allergen immunotherapy is at great risk under the USP’s proposed changes to Chapter 797. To spread the word and allow patients to voice their concern to USP, the AAAAI has set up an online petition that patients can sign.

The petition is available at:

The AAAAI has created this petition in response to member requests for an easy way to get patients involved. Although the deadline to submit comments to USP is quickly approaching on January 31, the petition offers a venue for patients to continue to participate in this conversation beyond January 31.

How Can I Share The Petition?
Share the link to the petition in any way you can, whether through email or through Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels. If you do share the petition through Facebook or Twitter, include the hashtag ‪#‎saveallergyshots‬ in your post.

Final Reminder: Comments to USP Must Be Submitted by January 31
Once again, comments on the proposed changes to Chapter 797 must be submitted to USP by this Sunday, January 31. Thank you to all AAAAI members who have already submitted comments. If you have not yet submitted your personal comments on how these changes will impact your patients, you are urged to do so. Here are brief instructions:

1) Download the USP comment submission template here. 
2) Fill out the template as best as you can. If it is easiest, concentrate on filling out the general comments section. You can mention that the Allergen Extracts as CSPS section on pages 17-18 of the existing USP Chapter 797 is what we want to remain in place. Note: The AAAAI has compiled a variety of information here, which you can use to help put together your personalized comments to USP. The most important information is in all capital letters.
3) After you have completed the template, email it to

The AAAAI will be submitting official comments to USP as well, which will be shared with you. Thank you for your efforts in building support and outreach on this extremely important issue.


Robert F. Lemanske, Jr., MD, FAAAAI
AAAAI President

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