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Allergy West – Best Allergy, Asthma and Immunotherapy Services

Want to get your skin tested for allergy? Visit AllergyWest, a leading skin testing clinic in Westford MA which is known for its quality services. In case you are facing some allergy symptoms that don’t go away even after a certain period of time, you can get your skin tested at our clinic.

Our medical experts will do a complete evaluation of your skin and will also assist you with Allergy injections in Westford Ma if required. Whether you are facing a mild rash or are struggling with big problems, you can drop into our clinic right away.

Our Allergists in Westford Ma are experienced and will take care of your skin issue smoothly. Our reports are 100 percent accurate and you won’t face any problems.

COVD-19 Infection control

Governor Baker issued a “Stay at Home” Advisory lasting until April 7th, closing all non-essential businesses to prevent the COVID-19 outbreak from growing.  Therefore, we will continue to suspend allergy shots until April 7th and will re-evaluate as it gets closer to that date.  If you receive an injectable biologic agent, you will be contacted to discuss ongoing treatment.

We are still here to support you during this challenging time by having a triage nurse each day from 9-5 to answer your questions and provide you with advice.  We are also offering telehealth visits for any non-urgent visits.  This is for your safety and to follow federal and state recommendations for social distancing.  We will still continue to see urgent patients after phone triage only.  Please don’t hesitate to call us.  WE CANNOT ACCEPT WALK-INS FOR ANY TYPE OF APPOINTMENT OR ADVICE.


All standard copays and deductibles will apply to these visits (except for certain insurances and COVD-19 patients).  The visit will be documented in your chart and will be sent to insurance as well.  We are using doxy.me platform, a HIPPA compliant and known service provider.

Please call the office, if you are interested at 978-619-5447.

Stay Well!!!

As you are likely aware, the number of coronavirus/COVD-19 cases is increasing. The possibility of being infected is reduced by limiting the interaction among people, including healthcare facilities – a process you may have heard described as social distancing. To help keep you safe, we have made the decision to suspend immunotherapy (allergy shots) beginning Wednesday, March 18th through April 1st, for the current time. We will reevaluate within the next 10 days and will keep you informed. Please keep an eye on your text and email for any updates. We will also post updated information on our website and facebook page. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are committed to keep our patients and staff safe.

Allergy West

Allergy West is offering Telehealth visits for any non-urgent visit for at least the next 2 weeks due to COVID-19 disease emergency state. This is for your safety and to follow federal & state recommendations for social distancing. We still continue to see urgent patients after phone triage only. Please don’t hesitate to call us for any sickness or concern as usual. Please first call, as we can’t accept any walk-ins. If this is a situation that can be handled via Telehealth, we will arrange it accordingly, otherwise, an office visit will be scheduled. This maybe a perfect opportunity to review your action plan for your spring allergies via Telehealth. Telehealth is a convenient and safe way to exchange information with your provider. On March 15th Governor Charlie Baker issued an order to allow visits done via Telehealth in response to the COVID-19 Epidemic. All of the standard copays and deductibles will apply to these visits (except for certain insurances and COVID-19 patients). The visit will be documented in your chart, and will be sent to your insurance as well.

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